OWB Research

Collaborative Research Funding Approach
The Oregon Wine Board provides, pursuant to its legislative charter, research grants to institutions for research in viticulture and enology of particular relevance to the Oregon wine industry.  For 2013-2014, the OWB has allocated up to $270,000 for the support of these research grants.  Central to this function of the OWB is the formally appointed research committee and the unified grant management for viticulture and enology system, a database housed at the University of California, Davis, that coordinates grant application submissions and review among funding agencies.  This allows the OWB not only to fund research that is of the highest relevance and quality for Oregon's wine industry, but also potentially to share the costs with other interested agencies

Oregon Wine Board Research Process
The OWB program is now streamlined with the Unified Grant Management for Viticulture and Enology. The OWB Research Committee determines the Oregon wine industry's top research priorities, which are approved by the OWB Board. Proposals are evaluated on relevance, budget, and staff/facility resources. The Research calendar follows the Oregon Wine Board's fiscal year, which runs July 1-June 30.


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